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Mission statement & Impact:

Our mission is providing handcrafted quality goods to the marketplace that enable opportunity for the underprivileged in the rural villages of Kenya. We believe in enabling the means for people to overcome adversity. We do this by partnering with existing underprivileged women's groups and apprenticeship programs in Kenya to create the quality goods. We then partner with a local Kenyan Nonprofit to reinvest the profits of each purchase directly back into the local community to empower the success of children.

Who we support:

We enable the means to overcome adversity in every step of the way … from where the bags are sourced and finished to donating the profits back into the Kenyan community.

We partner with a local women's group in Kenya to source the woven Kiondos. These women live in an arid location that doesn’t allow for subsistence farming to feed their family. The women support their families with the profits made from handcrafting bags: this puts food on the table and pays education fees for their children.

Once the Kiondo's are woven, they make their way to a Kenyan apprenticeship program that crafts the finishing leatherwork on the bags. This program focuses on teaching craft skills. Once the apprenticeship program is complete,  graduates can begin their own handcrafted businesses to support their families. The apprenticeship program began as a UNICEF initiative and is now funded by the Kenyan government.

The Kiondo's make their way from Kenya to Boston and eventually to you! We partner with a Kenyan non-profit and NGO to invest the profits of each purchase directly back into Kenya. Community Initiatives Agenda is the non-profit and NGO we partner with. Their mission is to address gaps in society that hinder children from developing to their full potential. We currently partner with them on a solar backpack project. The solar light charges as the children walk back and forth to school. When the sun goes down, the solar light enables children to continue their studies.

Thank you for supporting our mission with your purchases. You are making a true impact investment that is changing lives and making a positive impact on this world.

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